• All students must adhere to the Aurora Montessori School Dress Code.
  • The dress code policy is meant to reinforce a sense of self-pride in our students? personal hygiene and appearance.
  • The uniform is to be worn during school hours and at all school functions, (i.e. science night, etc.,) unless otherwise directed by the faculty or administration.
  • Elementary students are expected to wear their formal dress uniform Monday through Thursday?and on special days or school trips. A less formal dress code is allowed on Friday.
  • Warm weather uniforms are permitted?from September until Thanksgiving weekend and from May 1st until the end of the school year.
Sports Uniform
  • All elementary students are required to purchase the AMS sports uniform. This is to be worn when teams are traveling to play at other schools.
  • Casa students should wear their gym uniform on the days that they participate in gym class and as a part of the warm weather uniform.

Students are expected to have their shirts tucked in, so that the waistband of the kilt or pants is visible. Shirts are not to be ‘rolled’, causing them to hang down over the waistband.


Black shoes must be worn to and from school. Please print your child’s name with an indelible marker inside the flap over. When shoes are not being worn, they are to be secured inside a locker. Please label all items of the school uniforms with your child’s name, including tie, gym gear, shoes, etc.

Purchase Of School Uniform

Parents are requested to place their order through the AMS Uniform service, In School Wear.

For more information, please contact

In School Wear


16th Avenue
Bldg A Unit 15
Richmond Hill, Ontario