Toddler Program

Toddler Program

Ages 18 months to 3 years old

Our Toddler Program offers children a natural extension of the home environment. The purpose of the Toddler community is to create a safe environment and the opportunity to develop independence, concentration, and self-esteem. The students are also given the opportunity to master the skill of independent toileting. The natural ability of the child to learn is cultivated with a consistent routine within a secure and orderly setting.

Outdoor exploration is enjoyed by all toddlers through their daily walks on our lush 14 acres of rolling property. Gross motor development is strengthened on these excursions, and children develop an appreciation for nature. Expressing themselves through their artwork, singing and dancing in our bright, airy Toddler Room, and playing on our Toddler appropriate playground, are also a part of the children?s daily routine.

toddler reading a book
Toddler playing
The Toddler?s community is made up of 5 areas:
  1. Practical Life ? pouring, spooning, sweeping, locks and keys, etc
  2. Sensorial ? introduction to the senses, geometric shapes and discrimination of size, height, etc
  3. Language ? vocabulary and articulation enhancement
  4. Math ? symbol and quantity recognition from 1 to 10
  5. Culture ? introduction to the continents and Canada, science experiments, and discussions about people, plants and animals of the world.

Upon completion of the Toddler Program, students should be independent in toileting, confident with social interactions, and comfortable with handling everyday tasks