Special Programs


We offer a wide variety of after-school programs and activities for our students in order to accommodate the unique interests of our students.

Our Casa after-school programs run from 3:45 to 4:30 p.m.

The Casa children may choose to participate in a variety of after-school clubs such as: arts and crafts, music, games and sports, science and nature.

Student doing arts and crafts

Our Elementary after-school programs run from 3:45 to 4:30 p.m. on Mondays to Thursdays.

Our Elementary after-school clubs include: sports, chess, band, choir, computers, robotics, young writers, art, French, the outdoors club, knitting and crocheting, origami and woodworking.

We also offer a leadership in training program for students in grades 4 to 8, which provides training in peer mediation, conflict resolution, and character education.


Our field trips also run throughout the school year to extend our curriculum outside the classroom. In the Elementary program we offer a variety of trips that extend the curriculum beyond the classroom to the outdoors, art galleries, and the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. Our Elementary winter field trips include activities such as skating and skiing.


The Aurora Montessori School Elementary level students are involved in intramural sporting activities. Seeing us host and travel to other schools for competitions in: track and field, floor hockey, badminton, volleyball, and basketball. Junior and Senior sports clubs are also offered throughout the year.

Hockey equipment
Socks banner

Volunteer Program

Our grades 5 and 6 Senior students are given the opportunity to volunteer some of their time within the school community.

Students are involved in the Recycling Program, which helps to impress upon children the importance of protecting and conserving our environment for the future.

Senior students act as Reading Buddies for the younger peers and assist with the Kiss and Ride program each morning.

The AMS Tuck Shop gives students the unique opportunity to sell school supplies, snacks, and drinks. The Tuck Shop opens at the end of each school day and is run solely by the Senior students, who are responsible for keeping track and reporting what is sold monthly.


All students in our Elementary program participate in our Character Counts program. The Character Counts program teaches values such as respect, community spirit, and team building.

Students in each classroom have the responsibility of maintaining one virtue for a month. Their thoughts are posted and the students are then given the opportunity to present their ideas to students in other classrooms.

AMS crest on shirt


Grade 6 students participate in the VIP program, run by the York Regional Police. The aims of this program are to help students make informed choices, inform students of their rights and responsibilities, and to enhance students self-esteem.

student counting money


Our Senior, Middle School, and Elementary students participate in a series of Financial Basics workshops directed by a financial planning expert and founder of Money School Canada. This is an exceptional program that teaches students to appreciate and understand personal finance basics, including planning and budgeting.


Middle School students (grades 7 & 8) participate in our orientation program, which takes place in September. During orientation students enjoy leadership and community building activities at Camp Pinecrest.

There is also an optional 3-day wilderness-backpacking excursion to the Bruce Peninsula National Park.

field trip


Our Young Journalists Club allows students to work together as a team in order to produce the AMS quarterly newsletter.

In preparation for their future as esteemed members of society, the Middle School students are given the opportunity to volunteer some of their time (both in the school environment and in the local community) and participate in a one-week Internship program. During the internship students will work on their resumes, learn to write business letters, and prepare for an interview with the supervisor.

While grade 7 students are placed within the school community, grade 8 students will work in approved local community businesses. Not only will this experience fulfill the developmental needs of adolescents, but it also prepares students for practical life experiences by teaching them skills, independence, self-motivation, organization, time management,that will serve them well in their future and the challenges that they may face.

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